How to activate the long distance adoption

Italia Solidale is present with collaborations for the development of life in 125 missions in South America, Africa and India. Solidarity is a vital resource for all, nowadays more than ever. Every day 22.000 children die of hunger in the South of the planet.
In our missions, missionaries and lay volunteers we are working with tell us that more than 10,000 children are at risk of losing their lives because of poverty.

The long distance adoption, based on a new “culture as life” and a new way of carrying out the mission, is a simple and natural way of giving and receiving life and love, that connects people to people, in different cultures, breaking this "circle of suffering."

The commitment of Italia Solidale never relies on the organization, or assistance, but supports the local culture so that people (lay and missionaries volunteers in the south of the world) always start from needy children and their subsisting families and communities. Thanks to the continuous preparation of the community, they themselves decide the priorities, first helping those most in need then extending help to all others. Families involve themselves in small income-generating projects (farming, fishing, cultivation of fields, small craft and commercial activities ...), carried out with an efficient and respectful system of "solidale loans" that over time ensures their subsistence.

For all this, you do not need much money. That's why just a € 300 a year (six-monthly installments of 150 €, quarterly of 75 € or 25 € per month) for each adoption, which you can pay through:

  • postal account n. 14681001 payable to: Italia Solidale Vo.s.Vi.m. - Via S. Maria de’ Calderari, 29, 00186 Roma;
  • bank account with IBAN code: IT 40 L 0100503206 000000000 665 (Swift code: BNLIITRR) payable to: Italia Solidale Vo.s.Vi.m. - Via S. Maria de’ Calderari, 29, 00186 Roma;
Anyone can experience the joy of a long distance adoption, just fill out the following form of online subscription or telephone +

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